Examining the pedagogical foundations of modern educational computer games to inform research and practice


This study examines the pedagogical foundations of modern educational (computer video)
games. Specifically, Cooper’s [Cooper, H. (1985, Mar 31–April 4). A taxonomy of literature
reviews. In Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL]
literature review framework was used to locate and examine relevant literature and games
(published between the years 2000 and 2007) and to organize and report findings. A total
of 50 articles and 55 educational games met specified selection criteria. The pedagogical
foundations of the games were further investigated by contacting the authors of the games.
Twenty-two games were based on established learning theories or instructional strategies
and two games included basic instructional events that were not associated with any particular
theory or strategy. No information regarding the pedagogical foundations of the 31
games was found or received. Analysis of the games and supporting literature revealed several
patterns of practice that may be used to guide future research and development of
educational games.

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Journal Article
Mansureh Kebritchi
Atsusi Hirumi
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Computers & Education
Date Published: 
Monday, October 20, 2008