Constructivist Approach to Teaching the Language of Algebra


The language of Algebra, similar to other languages has syntax, phrases, and modifiers however the interpretation from the written context of algebraic word problem to that of a mathematical expression to be solved can perplex the most seasoned educator.  This paper will discuss basic algebraic concepts in relationship to changing word problems into algorithm form.  Discussed will be ways in which one can translate a word problem through the means of diagramming into a simple algebraic expression.  Additionally shared will be various approaches whereby the instructor can implement “games” to assist with the transformation of knowledge in order to ensure all learners, regardless of their learning style, can understand what is being taught.  The language of algebra is one that is used on a daily basis however many do not recognize this translation.  Attendance at this session will help to make this fact become tangible for attendees.

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Conference Proceedings
Therese Kanai, PhD
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The IAFOR International Conference on Language Learning - Hawaii 2016 Conference Proceedings