Cell Phoning and Texting While Driving: Multitasking Ourselves to Death


A qualitative phenomenological study was conducted on the consequences of cell phone use while operating a vehicle. We discussed why talking and texting on cell phones are so popular through the analysis of our interviews with police officers, driving instructors, and parents of teens and young adults. The participants came from central, northeastern, northwestern,
and southeastern Connecticut. All had exposure with respect to the effects of cell phone usage problem. The study reached a point of theoretical saturation or redundancy by which the analysis no longer resulted in new themes. We concluded that the discoveries revealed the necessity for education, expansion of technology, and additional driver education preparation, which may provide a path for leadership to help solve the problem.

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Journal Article
Telemaque, J. & Madueke, C.
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Sage Publication Journal
Sage Publication
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Sunday, April 5, 2015
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Sage Publication
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Madueke, C.

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