A case study on leadership development programs and their impact on employee retention

  • The purpose of the qualitative, case research study was to explore the experiences and perceptions of business leaders with regard to the impacts leadership development programs on employee turnover. The objective of this study was to analyze data based on the lived experiences of the business leaders who had experience with the phenomenon of leadership development programs. The study adopted a Hermeneutic qualitative approach and the technique employed for the study was the modified van Kaam method described by Moustakas (1994). This was based on interviews transcribed using semi-structured questions to capture the opinions and experiences of the leaders on impacts leadership development programs on employee turnover. Composite descriptions were generated from the participants' experiences, and this resulted in the identification of 56 applicable and prevalent themes. The central research question sought to determine the lived experiences of managers related to leadership development programs and employee turnover. The themes were grouped in six thematic groups: perceived leadership attitudes about attended leadership development programs, perceived impacts of leadership on employee turnover - positive and negative, effects of leadership development programs on leadership development, general leadership perception about the value of leadership development programs to the organization, and ways to reduce negative or eliminate turnover intentions. These prevalent themes and thematic groupings represent the perceptions and experiences of the participants in the study with regard to the quality of leadership development programs on employee turnover.
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Journal Article
Ogidan, Tunde
Lao, Teresa
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Journal of Perspectives in Organizational Behavior, Management, & Leadership. Wyvern Publishing Group. Accepted for publication
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015
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