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As virtual teams become more prevalent, the impact of the technology on team effectiveness is of increasing interest. In businesses, virtual teams can save time and money, while in academia, virtual teams allow greater flexibility and availability of courses. Some modes of instruction involving teams are divided 50/50 between face-to-face and online experiences, while others are conducted totally online. This provides a unique opportunity to compare team experiences between online teams and “blended” teams. This study used a qualitative survey based on Kolb’s [5] experiential learning theory to gather data on the online and blended team experience. The data were triangulated using both content analysis and grounded theory analysis and using multiple reviewers. The study found that both blended and online teams had similar issues with communication, social loafers, and equity, but blended team members were considerably more satisfied with their team experience.

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Conference Proceedings
Grinnell, L
Mack, L
Sauers, A
Appunn, F
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Proceedings of ABD2010
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
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