AERA Lives of Teachers’ Special Interest Group Award

AERA Lives of Teachers’ Special Interest Group Award

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Dear Lives of Teachers SIG colleagues:

I’m writing with information concerning the AERA Lives of Teachers’ Special Interest Group award. The purpose of this award is to highlight excellence, creativity, and innovation in research in the lives of teachers. Papers should reflect critical study on the lives of teachers from preschool teachers to graduate school and beyond.  


Submissions should be: 

·         a fully developed paper on the topic of lives of teachers;

·         submitted to the Best Paper Award Committee by November 30, 2017;

·         8,000 words or less and in APA format;

·         unpublished and completed;

·         substantively different from what was previously presented if the paper was presented at past AERA or another conference.


The Best Paper Award includes a plaque and $500, which will be presented at the AERA LOT SIG Business Meeting. We will notify the winner in February. Please note that the papers accepted for an upcoming AERA meeting are eligible to be considered for an award.  


Finally, here are the criteria by which the papers will be judged.


Evaluation Criteria for Selecting Best Paper


Degree of importance, relevance to, and innovative nature in the field of lives of teachers


Soundness of the methodology or theoretical grounding, and validity of the analysis employed and the conclusions reached


Logical organization and writing


Usefulness of the information and generalizability to the research on the lives of teachers


Ways in which the conclusions of the paper advance the field




Please let me know if you have any questions.




Margaret Smith Crocco

Professor & Chairperson

Department of Teacher Education

Core Faculty, Center for Gender in Global Context

Chair, AERA Lives of Teachers SIG 2017-19

Michigan State University

318 Erickson Hall

620 Farm Lane

East Lansing, MI 48824-1034

Phone: 517 884-1389

Fax: 517 432-5092