The Student Customer Phenomenon

Dr. Pamela Allen, Dr. Paul Withey and Dr. Carlos Tasso Aquino performed a presentation of a developmental paper, “The Student Customer Phenomenon” at The Western Academy of Management, March 11, 2016, in Portland, Oregon.

An enduring theme of the Western Academy of Management (WAM) is the acceptance and promotion of different ways of thinking, researching, teaching, and managing our careers. A combination of approximately 300+ faculty and doctoral students from diverse universities around the nation presented quantitative and qualitative research and developmental papers proposing future research at this conference.  The experience allowed me to gain diverse knowledge and awareness regarding the emergence, development, and simultaneous existence of alternative mainstreams in higher education. My participation, as an attendee and as a presenter, in the conference was relevant to my role as a facilitator and scholarship development  because of the focus on research regarding motivation, social networks, career paths, business models, organization design, and technology that might investigate when and how to confront previous niche practices, achieve greater acceptance and determine how to develop the latest research into theoretical approaches (e.g.,Transformative Adult Learning Model that have emerged from traditional approaches (e.g., Malcolm Knowles Adult Learning Model) to become viable alternatives. I gained increased knowledge and awareness regarding the focus on alternative mainstreams that are becoming essentials of our profession – research methods, publication outlets, teaching (e.g., MOOCs, flipped classrooms) -- or career paths.

Our research team is excited to be continuing the following additional professional presentations:

1. The presentation titled "Student Learning or the Student Experience: The Shift from Traditional to Non-Traditional Facilitation in Higher Education" submitted for the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs Conference 2016 being held in Atlanta, Georgia has been accepted by the Conference Planning Committee. 

2. The presentation titled “Non-Traditional Facilitation Methods for Non-Traditional Students” has been accepted by the XI International GUIDE Conference and IX INTERNATIONAL EDTECH IKASNABAR CONGRESS. The theme for this conference is E-LEARNING 2016: NEW STRATEGIES AND TRENDS

I would like to extend sincere thanks to the University of Phoenix and Dr. Carlos Tasso Aquino as Research Director of the Diversity Department for invaluable support of our research efforts.

Dr. Pamela Allen, Dr. Paul Withey, Dr. Carlos Tasso Aquino
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Friday, March 11, 2016
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Western Academy of Management
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United States
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