Examining the Impact of Team Dynamics on Academic and Professional Performance: A Cross-sectional Study at Three Levels of Higher Education – Phase 2

Oxford Education Research Symposium
Joseph B. Baugh
Presentation Date: 
Friday, March 18, 2016
Event or Conference: 
Oxford Education Research Symposium
Presentation Type: 
Paper Presentation
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Oxford University Club
11 Mansfield Road
United Kingdom
Phase I of this study into learning team dynamics was presented at the Oxford Education Research Symposium [OERS] in March, 2014 and explored the quantitative data from a phased longitudinal study into team dynamics in academic settings. The previous paper assessed the relationships between each student’s peer review scores and his or her learning team outcomes. The current presentation introduces Phase II of this study, which analyzed the qualitative data related to two open-ended research questions that explored student perceptions of the value of team experiences as well as the impact of this experience on the professional and personal development of the individual students on each learning team. <!--break--> This presentation will inspect the major themes and patterns that emerged from the raw data after an analysis using the HyperResearch ™ Qualitative Data Analysis Software package and will depict the conclusions and findings derived from this data analysis. The presentation also seeks to define potential learning team assignments that are designed to maximize learning outcomes for a given course and student development. A recommendation for future research will develop potential topics to improve and enhance global team assignments in the workplace. Ultimately, the researcher will integrate the quantitative and qualitative findings from the two phases of the study into a comprehensive paper that will be submitted for consideration for publication after the presentation of the qualitative data findings and conclusions during the March 2016 OERS sessions.