Non-Traditional Facilitation Methods for Non-Traditional Students

GUIDE Association
Dr. Pamela Allen
Dr. Paul Withey
Dr. Deb Lawton
Dr. Carlos Tasso Aquino
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Thursday, June 23, 2016
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IX International Congress IKASNABAR / XI International GUIDE Conference
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Paper Presentation
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Non-traditional students require non-traditional facilitation methods in the classroom. Facilitation methods are transforming to include interactive tutorials, videos, and games that engage the adult student learner in a blended or flex-net classroom. There are significant benefits for educational models that consist of both an online and blended format, that combines face-to-face and interactive activities. The non-traditional student and non-traditional faculty require more hands on guidance to learn effective navigation of advanced technology. Promoting student-faculty interaction and a more efficient use of institutional resources will be one of the best new strategies and trends for non-traditional adult student learners in higher education.