Develop/pilot Online Programs in ALP

Develop/pilot Online Programs in ALP


July 3, 2017


Activity is Ongoing
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Subject-Matter Expert
Organization Name: 
Cowley College
Role or Title within the Organization: 
Adjunct Professor

Cowley College has implemented a program for developmental writing.  From the program guide:

The Accelerated Learning Program, or ALP, was developed at Community College of Baltimore County by Peter Adams. It was designed to improve the percentage of underprepared students who pass Comp I. Cowley faculty took the ideas and best practices of this program and developed a program for our students. At Cowley, students whose placement is below that of Comp I but still in a range that indicates an ability to benefit from ALP enroll in designated sections of ENG2211. These sections are generally composed of 10 ALP students and 14 students whose placement was Comp I. In addition, the ALP students are enrolled in a designated 2208 section taught by the same instructor—a companion course, which immediately follows the Comp I course.

The highlighted area is what I am working on pilot studies for.  I am working with different configurations of the courses and not including comp 1 placement students but rather having entire classes of the developmental level students.  This is strictly for the online version where I am also developing total integration for the seminar and composition courses.  Work began summer 2017 and is ongoing.