An Interprofessional Pain Diary in Transitional Care: A Feasibility Project

Description of a feasibility study of the use of a pain diary in a short term stay unit in long-term care. 


Failure to manage pain in older adults results in suffering and a decline in health. An interprofessional team conducted a feasibility project to examine whether a pain diary designed for older adults admitted to a transitional care unit offered a more holistic description of the pain experience.Objectives The project was designed to: (a) Develop a pain diary (b) Examine patient usability (c) Determine feasibility of the diary in workflow and (d) Examine outcomes of diary entries and satisfaction surveys.Methods Three rapid change cycles assisted in developing and implementing the diary.Results Five patients followed for 32 days during implementation wrote simple narratives and rated their pain ( M= 2-5.3) on 11-point pain rating scales. Themes from narrative responses were medicated relief and alternative methods , finding a balance between motion and activity , emotional burden of pain , and the importance of feeling supported by the healthcare team . Patients and staff completed satisfaction questionnaires indicating enhanced communication.Conclusions The diary was feasible for patients and staff to use and had potential as an effective interprofessional tool for pain management.Nursing Implications The pain diary provides the interprofessional team an opportunity to understand the patient experience and to provide holistic care.

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Journal Article
Arneson, D., Coss, D., Rovick, L., Finch Guthrie, P.
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Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice
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