Establishing Partnerships and Organizational Readiness

This is the second chapter in the new book Interprofessional Evidence-Based Practice: A Workbook for Health Professionals, which provides guidance for developing a partnership between an academic institution and a health care agency for developing an interprofessional evidence-based practice scholar program designed to solve real world clinical issues that  improve paient/client outcomes.



Establishing a partnership between a university and a healthcare organization for conducting an interprofessional evidence-based practice program is an excellent way to share resources, opportunities, and support for learning that is useful for clinicians, faculty, and students.  Universities bring expertise in evidence-based practice and research, while healthcare organizations provide real world problems that need addressing, clinical expertise, practical knowledge about using EBP in daily practice, and opportunities for scholarship.  Together, universities and healthcare partners reduce the research-practice gap when solving clinical practice problems through interprofessional evidence-based practice.  A partnership is a relationship where entities agree to work together to advance common interests through collaboration.  The type of partnerships include limited or full, depending on each partner’s involvement in decision-making and development of the interprofessional evidence-based practice program.  Choosing the right partner is a deliberate process that focuses on the fit of the leadership, mission, vision, and culture between the two organizations.  Partnership fit also includes the capacity of each organization to engage in evidence-based practice, commit to the various projects, remain accountable for completing the work, support innovation, and bring resources to an interprofessional evidence-based practice program.  Prior to engaging in a partner-sponsored interprofessional evidence-based practice program, each institution should assess readiness to engage fully in evidence-based practice and in interprofessional teamwork.    


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Patricia Finch Guthrie
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Interprofessional Evidence-Based Practice: A Workbook for Health Professionals
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Friday, April 15, 2016
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Thorofare New Jersey
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ISBN: 978-1-63091-098-3
Penelope Moyers and Patricia Finch guthrie
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