Margaret Thatcher: Gender and the Iron Lady

A teaching case study that presents a comparison of the leadership and communication styles of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.  Includes teaching notes.  


This case study showcases the complexity for female leaders in navigating a balance between gender roles, communication, and leadership. Through a comparison of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, the double-bind phenomenon is explored with two charismatic world leaders with differing media portrayals. In broad terms, the case study reflects how gender, media portrayals and bias influence our perceptions of leaders across organizations and industries with particular emphasis on challenges women leaders face such as being held to higher standards than their male counterparts and not being viewed as “tough” enough for business or politics.

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Jill Robinson
Patricia Bleil
Susan Bartel
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Sage Publications: Sage Business Cases Originals
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Tuesday, January 2, 2018
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