Online Collaborative Team Member Narratives of Publication Success

Adjunct online faculty tend to have limited support, limited connections and networking opportunities, and limited access to resources for their professional development, including research and publishing (Davis, 2018; Luongo, 2018).  A narrative inquiry study was needed to explore the potential value of the online community as a structure for online collaborative research teams and for overcoming a sense of isolation adjunct faculty might face (Cohn, Stewart, Theisen & Comins, 2016; Schieffer, 2016).  

College of Doctoral Studies at the University of Phoenix
Dr. Rita J. Hartman, Dr. Danielle Sixsmith, Dr. Patricia Akojie, and Dr. Christa Banton
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Monday, June 10, 2019
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2019 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit
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Paper Presentation
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College of Doctoral Studies
University of Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ 85040
United States
Career professionals who serve as adjunct faculty at the university level are expected to engage in continual research and publishing to maintain their status as a adjunct (part-time) faculty to be considered for potential advancement, and to qualify for additional compensations. Using a technology enabled collaborative approach to research can potentially enhance research, implying a set of multiple lenses, multiple insights, and a multitude of considerations in regards to design, methodology, data interpretations, and broader reaching implications. A narrative inquiry approach was applied to gain an in-depth understanding of career professionals’ experience working in technology enabled collaborative research teams. Data was gathered through phone interviews where eight career professionals who function as adjunct faculty members shared their personal experiences and reflections about working as collaborative researchers in a technologically enabled environment. The results of the study provide recommendations to support online adjunct faculty professional growth.