Experiences with racism: Narratives from black educators

The purpose of the study is to explore and investigate the professional experiences of black educators with racism in school cultures and the way those experiences have shaped their professional practices. Cuevas (2016) has dedicated his professional expertise to developing teaching methodologies and curricula to engage Latino students. However, the personal experiences of Black K-12 educators with racial bias in their school cultures are particularly an under-studied area (Priest, et al., 2014).  The questions that guided the study included: What are the experiences of K-12 teachers with embedded racial bias that may affect professional practices as an educator? How have those experiences with racism affected relationships with students, other teachers, parents, and administrators?  Using a narrative inquiry research design, stories of black educators who have experienced embedded racism in their school culture were collected and analyzed. Permission was obtained to recruit participants from the members of a closed Facebook group, Black Educators Rock.  Criteria for participation are that the person must be a K-12 African-American teacher who has had personal experience with racial bias in school cultures and is willing to share his or her experiences with embedded racism and how it may have affected his or her professional practices. Data was collected from February to April 2019 through recorded telephone interviews.  Data were transcribed and analyzed using Dedoose software.  Based on the findings, the research team recommended a conceptual framework for the improvement of race relations within school environments that may be beneficial to educational leaders.

Nova Southeastern University
Akojie, P., Johnson, K., Smith, M., Reid, L., & Bowers, B.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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Qualitative Report Conference 11th Annual Conference
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