Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT)

Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT)


February 1, 2016


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Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT)
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Volunteered to review the following articles for the 2016 AECT Convention.

Culture, Learning and Technology Articles

1.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  A comparison of factors influencing students’ use of technology in classroom between South Korea and the USA.  In Full Session: CLT - Technology Use in Home, School and University Settings in Hong Kong, South Korea and the US.  All Academic Code: 1134905.  Review Complete.

2.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  A Culturally Relevant Cybersecurity Collectable Card Game for Children.  All Academic Code: 1135992.  Complete.

3.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Ethnography of a Nascent Maker Movement.  All Academic Code: 1133108.  Review Complete. 

4.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Examining the culture of women in STEM fields: How microaggressions may be increasing attrition.  In Full Session: CLT - Diversity and Inclusion in School and at Work.  All Academic Code: 1134752.  Review Complete.

5.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Social Media as a Tool for increasing Cultural Competence: How do we measure it?  In Full Session: CLT - Social media and cultural competence.  All Academic Code: 1132095.  Review Complete

6.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Students Interested in STEM: A Comparison of Gender and Ethnic Distribution.  All Academic Code: 1131509.  Review Complete

Design and Development Articles

7.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  A Cognitive Apprenticeship to Promote Paraphrasing Skills Among Undergraduate Students.  In Full Session: D&D - Learning Strategies.  All Academic Code: 1135722.  Review Complete.

8.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  A Graduate Evaluation Course Designed for Critical Thinking: Students’ Motivation and Instructional Satisfaction.  In Full Session: D&D - Students' Perceptions and Motivation.  All Academic Code: 1130237.  Review Complete.

9.    Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  D&D: A Community-Engaged, Ecological Approach to Instructional Design.  In Full Session: D&D - Roundtables Wed2.  All Academic Code: 1117416.  Article Complete.

10. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  “Have You Flipped!?!” Developing Instructional Design Courses Using Flipped Classroom Model.  In Full Session: D&D - Flipped Classroom.  All Academic Code: 1133586.  Review Complete.

11. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  “Impact of Organizational Context Factors on Individuals’ Self-Reported Knowledge Sharing Behaviors”.  All Academic Code: 1135259

Distance Learning Articles

12. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Content Analysis of Foreign Language Courses in Massive Open Online Courses.  All Academic Code: 1133343. Review Complete.

13. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  DDL: Purple Ribbon Selfies: An in-person method for increasing social engagement in an online, on-campus course.  In Full Session: DDL - Roundtables Wed1.  All Academic Code: 1131898.  Review Complete.

14. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Extreme Collaboration and Technology: What We Can Learn From a Bilingual, Bi-Modal Distance Education Program.  In Full Session: DDL - Collaboration & Language.  All Academic Code: 1136215

Featured Research Articles

15. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Using a Mathematical Model of Motivation, Volition, and Performance to Examine Students’ E-Text Learning.  In Full Session: FR - Learning Theories.  All Academic Code: 1134556.  Review Complete.

School Media & Technology Articles

16. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  A Content Analysis of ICT Integration in Education: Then and Now.  In Full Session: SMT - Perspectives on ICT Integration in Schools.  All Academic Code: 1133865.  Review Complete

17. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Instructional Technologist in K-12 Settings.  In Full Session: SMT - From Access to Creative Applications: Issues of Technology Integration in K-12 Settings.  All Academic Code: 1133736.  Review Complete.

18. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  SMT: A Cross-cultural Study of Developing Students’ Scientific Argumentation Skills in a Computer-assisted Project-based Learning Environment.  In Full Session: SMT - Roundtables Thur3.  All Academic Code: 1133510

Teacher Education Articles

19. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Be Creative, Make It Happen: Supervising and Mentoring Pre-service Teachers Online for Educational Technology Practicum.  In Full Session: TED - Online and Blended Strategies for Teacher Education.  All Academic Code: 1134694.  Review Complete.

20. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Differentiating in a University Classroom.  All Academic Code: 1136240.  Review Complete.

21. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Mathematics, the Stock Market and Technology: Learning How the Market Works Using an Interactive Game.  In Full Session: TED – TED Camp: Strategies for Engaging Students.  All Academic Code: 1134809.  Review Complete.

22. Article Reviewed (Feb-Mar 2016).  Technology Integration Matrix: Benefits to the Pre-Service Educator.  In Full Session: TED - Exploring the Research on Pre-Service Teachers and Technology.  All Academic Code: 1135481