XI GUIDE Conference in Madrid

XI GUIDE Conference in Madrid

The XI International GUIDE Conference and the IX Edition of the International Edtech Ikasnabar Congress will be held in June 2016 in Madrid, the vibrant cultural, economic and political centre of Spain. The conference will be jointly organized by the University of the Basque Country, Madrid Open University (UDIMA) and GUIDE Association, leading institutions in the field of e-learning and technology-based education.

UDIMA - Madrid, Spain


The conference seeks to anticipate the future of education, offering a critical inside look into the current trends and resources being used in teach and learning environments.


Dr. Robert W. Robertson (CWDR Research Affiliate) will be one of the keynote speakers in the event.


Two papers from CWDR have been accepted to be presented at the event

Allen, P; Withey, P.; Aquino, C.T. ; Lawton, D. (2016)
Non-Traditional Facilitation Methods for Non-Traditional Students


Aquino, C.T.; Robertson, R.W.; Allen, P. & Withey, P. (2016)
A Learning-Centered Approach to Higher Education – Professional Success in the 21st. Century


Dr. Robertson, Dr. Allen, Dr. Lawton and Dr. Whitey will attend the conference and represent the Center for Workplace Diversity Research and University of Phoenix in the event.

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