TQR10: School of Doctoral Studies Among Most Represented

TQR10: School of Doctoral Studies Among Most Represented

By Erik Bean, Ed.D.
Associate University Research Chair
Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research

University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies (CDS) was among the most represented of all presenters at The Qualitative Report (TQR) Conference.  The 10th annual scholarly event was held at Nova Southeastern University, January 2019. From recommendations to improve the qualitative research process to examples of grounded theory and narratives in school settings to reflections of UOPX Research Methodology Group, for example, presenters were driven by rigor and ready to field many insightful comments and questions from attendees.

Among the most visible was the work conducted by Dr. Ryan Rominger, associate university research chair, Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER), who led or was co-author on six presentations including two workshop/panels. Rominger, who co-leads the University of Phoenix Research Methodology Group, with Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi, university research chair, Center for Education and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) alongside of a team of dedicated specialists, offering a collection of webinars and advice for the most popular methods used by the school’s doctoral students, is no stranger to higher education. Among the many roles he served include doctoral program coordinator, associate dissertation director, full-time assistant and associate faculty, dissertation chair, adjunct research faculty and has authored/co-authored several published research studies in psychology and education. Rominger led and co-authored these workshop/panels and presentations:

  • The Many Faces of Mindfulness in Qualitative Research
  • Using Praxis Courses and Online Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) to Train Geographically Distributed Novice Qualitative and Mixed-Method Researchers
  • Proposed Use of Prominence in Qualitative Research, led by Erik Bean and Liz Johnston, associate university research chair (CEITR)
  • Using Grounded Theory Coding Sequences as a Transformative Teaching and Learning Engagement, with Mark McCaslin, Ph.D., dean of research and scholarship
  • Exploring a Research Methodology Group Framework for Nurturing Research Methods and Designs: An Action Research with McCaslin and Kebritchi
  • Research Methodology Group: The Community of Scholar Practitioners to Enhance Qualitative and Mixed Methods Designs with McCaslin, Kebritchi, Johnston, Bean, James Lane, Karen Johnson, and Phil Davidson

Several other UOPX scholars also provided thought provoking scholarship including these presentation titles:

  • Perceptions of Faculty Ethical Decision Making: Awareness, Learning, and Change by Cheryl Burleigh
  • Stories Told and Lessons Learned: Reflections on a Year of Narrative Research by Lane
  • Hurricanes, Schools, and the Ethics of Care and Community: A Narrative Study of School Leadership by Lane with David Proudfoot, Shaquanah Robinson, Sally Evans, and Belinda Moses.
  • Grit and Spirituality’s Influence on Doctoral Success – To “Mixed” or not: Qualitative Approaches, Quantitative Researchers by Lunthita Duthely, with James Rice, and Diana Hart.

The annual conference has grown and has attracted notable scholars including keynotes: Kathryn J. Roulston, Eli Lieber, and Sally St. George and Dan Wulff as well as other seminal qualitative researchers like Johnny Saldaña whose workshops entitled Teaching Qualitative Research Methods Principles through Popular Film Clips and Gaming in the Qualitative Research Methods Studio were among the most widely attended. 2018 Distinguished CDS Faculty and CLSER Fellow LauraAnn Migliore also was on hand supporting Grand Canyon University student Bridget Arena in her works Avatar-Mediated Virtual Learning Experiences and Productive Conflict and Avatar Mediated Self-Determined Learning in an Immersive 3-D Virtual Learning Environment. The deadline for proposal submission to the 11th Annual TQR conference held from Jan 15-17th, 2020 is April 30th, 2019.


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