Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference

Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference



On April 14, 2016, Mr. Robert Stokes represented CWDR and University of Phoenix as one of the panelists.


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Imelda Wicks, UTMB


Sherry James, PMP, Manager, Program Management Office, HollyFrontier Corporation

Liji Thomas, Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Southwest Airlines

Robert Stokes, Program Manager, School of Business, University of Phoenix




  1. What does it mean to align your business strategy with your diversity strategy? And how do you go about doing that?
  2. While creating your diversity strategy, what are some potholes to avoid?
  3. What are some initial steps to create your diversity strategy?
  4. What are some leadership lessons that can be implemented to establish a strong diversity presence within the workforce?
  5. How can organizations benefit from successful diversity and inclusion initiatives?
  6. What are some of your best diversity practices and how did you establish them?


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