Submit for the Spring 2015 Phoenix Campus Research Symposium

Submit for the Spring 2015 Phoenix Campus Research Symposium

As busy as life may seem, there is always time to explore curiosities, solve societal problems, and contribute knowledge to the world. At the University of Phoenix-Phoenix Campus, the ability to share your research with peers is available. On June 6, 2015 a General Faculty Meeting will be held at The Buttes South Mountain Resort from 8am to 12pm. This meeting will focus primarily on Faculty Scholarship at the Fourth Annual Faculty Scholarship Symposium. This event supports and encourages scholarship by providing a venue to share research and an opportunity to network with colleagues regarding faculty and student research ideas. We invite you to share your current research in an eye catching poster session.

The deadline for the Call for Proposals is rapidly approaching. The final submission date is May 4, 2015. You may submit a proposal by going to this link:

Interested in expanding your role in academia? The School of Advanced Studies has an online presence in the Faculty tab in Within the Research and Publication section, a link titled Scholarship, Research, & Innovation can be found. This is a portal where one can find information on research centers, funding, and fellowships.

The Office of Scholarship Support is currently looking for peer reviewers as well as content, methodological, and technological thought leaders who are interested in working with University of Phoenix faculty.

If you are interested in volunteering your expertise, please contact at

Author: Jackie Novak, MBA-HRM

Originally Featured in: UOPX Phoenix Faculty News Spring 2015

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