Research to Publication (R2P) Workshop Success - Spring Session

Research to Publication (R2P) Workshop Success - Spring Session

Research to Publication workshop was launched in January 2022 with the purpose of supporting faculty and staff publish their research in peer-reviewed journals. R2P is a six-week web-based workshop. The first R2P workshop session was started on February 1 and ended on March 8. Faculty members from various disciplines attended the workshop and worked on developing their manuscripts. Guidelines and strategies for developing publishable manuscripts were offered during the live meetings. A total of 14 participants submitted their manuscripts to peer reviewed journals by the end of the workshop and received certificate of completion and LinkedIn digital badges.

The results of an assessment survey completed by the participants at the end of the workshop indicated:

  • The workshop was highly effective for manuscript development (78% highly effective, rated 5 and 21.4 % effective rated 4, on Scale of 1-5)
  • Attending the workshop contributed to the participants’ professional development (71.4% strongly agreed, rated 5 and 14.3% agreed rated 4, on Scale of 1-5). 

A participant's refelction:

“This program has been extremely beneficial to my professional development.  It has offered me the opportunity to learn how to share my research so that it is beneficial to the counseling community.  While in my doctoral program, I learned the components of being a good counselor educator.  I learned publication is an expectation of many programs and that it is important.  I learned how to develop and complete research that would add to the counseling profession.  However, how to effectively prepare and submit research for publication was not included in my learning.  I am appreciative of this program because it has added to the tools I have been given to be a successful and effective counselor educator.  The faculty assigned to work with me, Dr. Nunn, has been patient and knowledgeable.  When fear of the process gripped me, Dr. Nunn was encouraging and provided clear guidance which helped to alleviate my fear.  I have clarity and confidence because I participated in this program.”   By Dr. Andrea Ross, participant at R2P Workshop spring session.

For the participants’ reflections and testimonials please visit this site . For the list of manuscript submissions, please visit RTP site.