Research Hub Affiliates Reach An All-Time High

Research Hub Affiliates Reach An All-Time High

The Research Hub is the University's online home for research and scholarship. This site - often referred to as "The Hub" - is a one-stop resource shop that supports our faculty, students and alumni by providing important details on all aspects of research and scholarship, including researcher bios, a research support blog, funding, policies and compliance, and more. It also serves as the online portal for the University’s research centers including a strong focus on our doctoral programs. 

During October of 2018, the number of registered users on the Research Hub have hit an all-time high, which is an excellent milestone in our evolution.  Currently there are  over 1,600 registered users who are affiliated with a University Research Center and/or Special Interest Groups (SIG). This consistent increase of registered users over time has resulted in research and scholarship information being utilized by more visitors to the Research Hub. 

One area that has been very popular in the recent months has been information about Research Funding and Awards. We draw this conclusion because the number applications for research and research grants has been overwhelmingly high. Due to the recent volume of applications and our needs to address some functional opportunities to accommodate our growth, the Office of Scholarship Support has for the immediate time-being, suspended taking all applications for research and research grants at this time. This includes: general research grants and the Teaching and Learning Fellowship Grant. As we move forward, we will be looking at how we evolve this component and other structures to meet the needs of our constituents and the university's goals. The Office of Scholarship Support would like to encourage all visitors to check the Research Funding and Awards page periodically to view updates or additional announcements relative to the freeze on grant funding, important information moving forward, and for details on all aspects of grants and funding. 

The Hub is an important and vital platform that helps us keep abreast of all things research. It is where we demonstrate results, inquire into the potentials of research and find opportunities to engage together- the world of research, and ultimately how we can all be part of it. Let’s work together to continue to increase the number of registered users even more. If you know of a peer (internal or external) who is not a member of the Research Hub, consider inviting them to register. Included below are some helpful links to resources for registering as a new user on the Research Hub. 

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