Welcome to Phoenix Scholar™

Welcome to Phoenix Scholar™

Phoenix Scholar was created to acknowledge the commitment of University of Phoenix faculty, students, and alumni to leading research through evidence-based practice by communicating the results and outcomes of those research projects, and their relationship to learning and scholarship.Visit this section of the Research Hub quarterly for the latest portable PDF edition of a compilation of the most intriguing research, publication, and presentation accomplishments of the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies (SAS) faculty, student, and alumni community. In addition, the content features new pieces and editorials that are relevant to today’s immediate issues. A limited amount print stock issues are available by contacting the editorial department at leadershipstudies@phoenix.edu.

Phoenix Scholar™ is published quarterly, March, June, September, and December by the Office of Scholarship Support in conjunction with the School of Advanced Studies. All rights reserved. The views expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect that of the editorial board or SAS.

Current Edition

(click on the image to access Volume 2, Issue 1 published on 12/15/18)

David Proudfoot

Listing of publications in the Research Hub as referenced in this issue of the Phoenix Scholar.

Past Editions

Phoenix Scholar Front Cover Vol 1 Issue 4 Volume 1, Issue 4 09/15/18

Phoenix Scholar Front Cover Vol 1 Issue 3  Volume 1, Issue 3 06/15/18

 Phoenix Scholar Front Cover Vol 1 Issue 2  Volume 1, Issue 2 03/15/18

 Phoenix Scholar Front Cover Vol 1 Issue 1  Volume 1, Issue 1 12/15/17

Publish in Phoenix Scholar

Are you a member of the SAS community and want your work featured in the Phoenix Scholar? We welcome best classroom or business practices, educational conceptual pieces, current research project summaries, and pieces that inspire or contribute to community support, problem solving.

Please submit your manuscript to InfoReady through this link.

Please send all questions to leadershipstudies@phoenix.edu.

General guidelines for all publication consideration are included below.

Next deadline: January 15th by C.O.B.

Author Guidelines

  1. All articles must be submitted in APA style using Microsoft Word. Maximum word count for feature type stories is 1,200 to 1,500. Any exceptions to this must be approved before submission with the editors. Do not include images or figures inside the document. Images must be emailed separately. See number 5 below. Articles should include cutlines that are correspondingly numbered to each image. Please, no more than three.

  2. All accompany images and figures must be guaranteed royalty free and be of the highest resolution possible. We suggest a minimum of 8 mega-pixels, but prefer 18. All images and figures must be sent separately as a jpeg, jpg, or png, not within the Word document. Email images using the same naming convention of the article, but include the cutline number separated by a hyphen: 1, 2, and 3 at the of the file name. For example, Smith_LeadershipStylesOf_01-15-18-1.

  3. All in text links need to be added as comments in the word document. So the comment should be over the word the link should be associated with.

  4. Limit the use of bold or italics in text to a max of three. This does not include the reference section.

  5. Each submission must be a separate word document.

  6. Do not double space after periods. This is done automatically in InDesign.

  7. Do not offset new paragraphs or the reference section, all paragraphs and references should sit flush with the margin of the word document.

  8. Save article name using author last name, underscore, the first three words of the proposed title, underscore, and the six digit date of the preceding publication quarterly deadline, for example: Smith_LeadershipStylesOf_01-15-18. See dates under number 5.

  9. Articles are only accepted under first rights and should not be under consideration from any other publication nor have been previously published (Center chairs and their fellows are exempt from this stipulation if the piece had been published on The Hub). If accepted all materials are copyrighted by Phoenix Scholar™ under first rights. Once published authors may submit such pieces to other publications of their choice.

  10. The editorial deadline for consideration is Jan. 15, April 15, June 15, and Sept. 15, respectively before the next published quarter.

  11. Final publication dates are March 15 (Spring), June 15 (Summer), September 15 (Autumn) and December 15 (Winter).

  12. These guidelines are subject to change at any time.

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