The Office of Scholarship Support’s Response to Beall’s List Going Offline

The Office of Scholarship Support’s Response to Beall’s List Going Offline, commonly known as Beall’s list, has gone offline after 9 years in operation. Jeffery Beall, a librarian at University of Colorado, reviewed open-access journal policies for academic rigor.  Journals that failed his publically visible criteria were listed on his site as a predatory open-access publisher.  It is unclear why Dr. Beall decided to take his list offline. Insider Higher Ed reports on it here and Nature reports on it here

At UOPX we are invested in making sure our faculty, student, and alumnis’ published scholarship is recognized as valid and rigorous, and can be impactful.  Visit our Research Process blog for publishing resources. Beall’s list was one of many tools we recommended to identify if an open-access journal was following best-practices in the field.  We encourage faculty to continue to use journal databases that publish standards for inclusion, such as Cabell’s selection criteria (available through the UOPX library) or JournalGuides verified journal recognition.  Both of these include open-access and subscription based journals.

The Office of Scholarship Support, in collaboration with our research centers, Research Chairs, and library, are at your disposal for identifying the best outlet for your research and scholarship. 

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