Message from the Vice Provost

Message from the Vice Provost

Hinrich Eylers, Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Doctoral Studies and Academic Operations


Dear Distinguished Scholars,


Over the past year, we began a journey towards realigning the goals of the Research and Scholarship Enterprise by looking at our processes, envisioning possibilities, and streamlining how we operate.  This insight helped us formulate how to move to the next level. 


We achieved several major milestones: the KWB Virtual Summit, the Phoenix Scholar, cumulatively over 3,600 research publications and 3,200 research presentations by you, and a host of other accomplishments, all of which helped move the needle for success.  Another part of this success, also noted by our University’s president, includes the “halo effect” of our research accomplishments reflecting positively on the university overall. 


I want to thank Dr. Mark McCaslin who has helped lead the way through much change implementation and who has been part of and helped elevate the stature of the research enterprise we began almost five years ago. Dr. McCaslin has accomplished much in his long-standing career and has decided to step down from his role as Dean of Research and Scholarship as of September 15 to further his personal goals and aspirations as an author and researcher. I am happy to say he will remain with us as he assumes a part time role in our new faculty structure in CDS.


As we continue to shape our research centers and research hub, I want to again recognize the outstanding work and efforts of you, our faculty, alumni, and students, who have been the cornerstone trademark in what we have done and continue to do in research.  We have established ourselves by representing at tier one conferences and publishing en masse far beyond what we had ever imagined. As I now have the pleasure of working even closer with our research arm, I would like to share a few of the overarching goals and changes that are either currently taking place or soon will, so that you, as members of our scholarship community, know the direction we are taking. 


Going forward, I want to further invest in the notion of enabling our students and faculty in a more pronounced way, to assist in helping sharpen the “research saw.”  For the research enterprise, our focus in the coming months will be on:

  • Further aligning our faculty and research support efforts with the dissertation processes in support of our doctoral students;
  • Revisioning the research hub for more effective engagement and utilization; 
  • Investing into three major research centers and aligning faculty in other centers with these primary centers, reviewing the focus of research funding, and decommissioning or revising outdated processes; and 
  • Providing faculty with development opportunities within the three centers that more closely align with our curriculum and goals, such as the potential in working with students as a resource, engendering potentials for robust collaboration, and refocusing on how we help fill the gaps for those who may have lost the currency and need or want to connect with research. 

While the above areas are the primary focus of the research enterprise, providing a community of scholarship and support for anyone affiliated with the university remains critical as well.

There is much more to this picture for this transition and it is important that we do our best to keep you apprised of ongoing changes so that you take the journey with us, as a core component in shaping the research spectrum within our school.  Look for more updates on the research hub website that address changes to the hub, to our structure within the research centers, to potential opportunities as they avail, and to our vision mapping for the year. 


I appreciate all you do in supporting scholarship, the University, and our students and look forward to your continued engagement in the Research and Scholarship Enterprise!

Hinrich Eylers, Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Doctoral Studies and Academic Operations


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