Limited Presentations and Other Access

Limited Presentations and Other Access

Users of the site may notice restrictions when attempting to access the "presentation" and "research funding" sections of their profiles. The section is still available, as is all existing data, but any information entered prior to March 21, 2016 is currently inaccessible to non-administrative users. Access to previously added entries is expected to resume by mid-May with additional information about the improved section of the site to be made available at that time. 

New presentation entries can be added to your profile and existing entries - though not currently editable - are still visible on the directory display of your profile as they were originally entered. View instructions for adding presentations to your profile.

The restrictions are due to a change in format and a roll over of data from one area of the site to the other. This is intended to make the transition seamless for users and to save manual labor on your part.

Please contact the Research Hub Help team at with any questions.

2016-03-30 UPDATE: Access to the "Research Submissions and Funding" section has been restored. If you notice any information is missing, please contact us. 

2016-05-05 UPDATE: Updates to the "Presentations" section have been completed. If you notice any information is missing, please contact us.