Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Academy Philadelphia Event A Success

Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Academy Philadelphia Event A Success

The following was originally posted on the University of Phoenix's internal news system. 

A recent Knowledge Without Boundaries (KWBA) Research Academy team event took place in Philadelphia with three fantastic speakers kicking off the team's first time visiting the Philadelphia Campus.

The two-day academy is the repurposed outcropping beta experiment of what was formerly known as Knowledge Without Boundaries. The KWBA began in Houston last year and the events have been very well received. Philadelphia was the seventh stop on the eight-visit campus tour.

During the seven campus visits, KWBA events have drawn up to 140 attendees per event with a total of 630 attendees thus far. The academy always kicks off with a Friday night panel session designed to inspire and engage attendees with leaders who initiate a rapid-fire, interactive presentation and group discussion. The session informs researchers and builds articulations between campuses, SAS and the community as well as inspiring ideas in areas that are typically challenging for these industry leaders.

According to SAS Director of Research Communication Rodney Luster, many of the Philadelphia attendees were so inspired by the event that they requested to attend the next event in Jersey City. The conference was engaging and covered a variety of relevant topics. The current demographic for the KWBA events has been 52% faculty, 32% students and 12% alumni.

The event follows the same format from city to city. "We turn the attendees from passive to active members of the two-day event. Friday is designed to stimulate ideas on researchable ideas for publishing with this teaser session. They get excited by panelists from their local footprint bringing ideas and challenges to the table. This has also fostered greater articulations and future projects with these leaders," said Luster. He said that Saturday is a "roll up your sleeves" day where participants are taken from the inception of an idea to something tangible for publishing.

The next event will take place in Jersey City on May 19.

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