Knowledge Without Boundaries Academy Visits Philadelphia Campus

Knowledge Without Boundaries Academy Visits Philadelphia Campus

Philadelphia’s UOPX campus recently held the stage for SAS and the “Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Academy.” The two-day academy is the repurposed outcropping beta experiement of what was formerly Knowledge Without Boundaries (KWB). The KWBA began in Houston last year and has been well received and a tremendous success thus far. Philadelphia campus marks number 7 of 8 visits to campuses around the country, the next being Jersey City on May 19th and 20th.

In addition to providing an opportunity for our research centers to present their research, this event provides participants ample opportunity to connect with peers as well as to put their ideas into action. Some highlights from the event include:

  • Doctoral Student Finds a Chair for her Committee at KWBA Philly! Dr. Fiona Sussan, Dr. Erik Bean, Dr. Brian Slobada and team connect with a student, Gail Satchell, to a Research Fellow, Louis Daly, who volunteerd to become her Dissertation Chair. The student was so excited she had to have a picture with the team responsible. (Media Gallery Image 1)
  • Saturday Action Begins with Roundtables to bring attendee ideas to life! Dr. Mark McCaslin weighs in as Dr. Greg Bradley facilitates a group specific to attendee goals. Each The Saturday session comprises roundtables that are broken out to meet attendees where they are at, whether it is from idea inception to deeper research. SAS is helping attendees move their researchcable ideas to greater potentials in their respective communities! (Media Gallery Image 2)

Over the past seven campus visits, KWBA has seen upwards of 140+ attendees at certain campuses and is becoming an advantageous venue for local campuses around the country. Philadelphia was a first for KWBA and offered a “boutique” style conference setting at the Philadelphia campus with about 69 registrants to the event. Attendees always begin the event with a Friday night panel session designed to inspire and inform attendees with leaders who engage a rapid fire presentation followed by a panel session. The session informs researchers, builds articulations between campuses, SAS and community and inspires ideas in areas that are typically challenges for these industry leaders.

Philadelphia attendees were so engaged and excited that at the end of the conference when it was mentioned KWBA would next be stopping in Jersey city a large series of cheers went up with attendees requesting to follow the team to Jersey City.

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To date KWBA has seen over 630 attendees at 7 campuses with a 40-50% increase in participation under the new KWBA flag. This represents a large response to the new alpha-beta project. The current demographic breakdown for KWBA’s has to date been 52% faculty, 32% students, and 12% alumni.

The word is spreading as SAS is getting more and more campus requests to come and visit their respective local communities around the country!

The next event will take place in Jersey City on May 19.

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