July 2016 Funding Recipients

July 2016 Funding Recipients

Excellence in Publishing Award

  • Gustavo Morles, Business, South Florida Campus, “Banking in the Venezuelan Economic Transition,” Banking Crises
  • Elizabeth Frayne, Humanities and Sciences, Southern California Campus, “Conserved Mechanism of Action of a Phosphate Analogue in Cultured Cells,” Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Faculty Honorarium - Publication

  • Stephen Mercer, School of Advanced Studies, Online Campus, “An Analysis of the Position of Assistant Principal of the Year in Indiana: An Analysis of What is Really Important - An Unlikely Association,” Contemporary Issues in Education Research
  • David Proudfoot, School of Advanced Studies, Online Campus, “The Effect of a Reading Comprehension Software Program on Student Achievement in Mathematics,” International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering, and Education
  • Mohammed Miah, Humanities and Sciences, Las Vegas Campus, “Leading Students to Limitless Learning,” Proceedings: International Conference on Innovating Education, Youth Entrepreneurship and Skill Development

Faculty Honorarium - Presentation

  • Pukar Ratti, Health Sciences, Online Campus, “Transforming Donated Human Biospecimens into Bioinnovations,” New Orleans Bioinnovation Center 2016 Seminar Series
  • Rockford Sansom, Humanities and Sciences, Online Campus, “Communication: Impact in a Educational Environment,” Columbia University - Institutional Development
  • Harsh Jadhav, Business, Bay Area Campus, “Roundtable Panel Moderator,” SACRS Spring Conference
  • Julia Clark-Hayes, Criminal Justice, Dallas Campus, “Opening Statements,” Trial Academy
  • Brian Jones, IS&T, New Mexico Campus, “Tech Night Out - Strategies for Success in an ever shrinking IT fiscal world,” Sabio Systems Tech Night Out
  • Maria Brewer, Security and Criminal Justice, Phoenix Campus, “Civil Traffic Hearing Officer Training,” Civil Traffic Complaint and Response
  • Carlos Flores, Humanities and Sciences, Sacramento Campus, “Teaching Future Leaders,” BSA Youth Leadership Program


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