IRB Corner: Complete IRB Submissions

IRB Corner: Complete IRB Submissions

At the IRB office, we are working diligently to move the researcher through the IRB process in an efficient manner. The process usually begins with a pre-review or a desk-review, and that is when the IRB office coordinators check to ensure that all needed documents are attached to the submission, that it’s been signed by all appropriate parties, and that the application document is filled out correctly and completely.  Submissions that pass this desk-review are then forwarded to one of the IRB board members for a review. This is the process that most IRB submissions follow.

Unfortunately, many submissions fail to meet the initial requirements of the pre-review, and are therefore returned to the research for adjustments before it can be assigned to one of the IRB board members for a review. Some submissions had to be returned to the researcher multiple times before they are ready to move forward in the process. This negatively impacts the IRB office’s ability to operate efficiently because time and effort must be spent re-reviewing researcher’s submissions that were initially incomplete.

To address this, the IRB Office has created several helpful tools and guides for researchers to use that are aimed at ensuring their submissions are complete and ready to be reviewed by an IRB board member the first time they submit. Specifically, these tools and guides are:

  1. The READ ME FIRST document – located in the IRBNet forms and templates library
  2. The IRB Human Subjects Research Worksheet – located in the IRBNet forms and templates library
  3. The IRBNet initial submission walkthrough video – located on SAS Central

These tools are designed to help researchers create complete IRB submissions that can pass the desk review quickly – without being returned for adjustments - and be assigned out to a board member for a review as quickly as possible. It is suggested that all researchers fully review these tools prior to making their IRB submissions.

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