Health Engineering Research Center Team Presents at AACN Annual Conference

Health Engineering Research Center Team Presents at AACN Annual Conference

Each January the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) holds an annual nursing doctoral education conference to focus on PhD and DNP education. The conference, which features national leaders and showcases peer-reviewed posters and papers, welcomes deans, associate deans, doctoral program directors, directors of research and doctoral program faculty from across the country. This year nearly 200 abstracts were submitted for the opportunity to present at this prestigious conference — only 80 were chosen.

Dr. Ellen Daroszewski, research chair for the School of Advanced Studies’ Center for Health Engineering Research, and her team were chosen to present two abstracts. The overall theme of the conference was The Synergy of Scholarship: Research and Practice. Dr. Daroszewski and her four CHER fellows, Dr. Casey Cole, Dr. Lorna Kendrick, Dr. Debra Wallace and Dr. Laura McGeehan, presented a poster titled “Nursing Research Center Development Using a Translation Model of Seamless Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration between PhDs and DNPs.”

The presentation emphasized that not only do the research-based competencies of PhDs and DNPs enhance each other, they inform the other’s efforts. PhDs and DNPs are poised to serve as each other’s advocates and consultants in a continuous feedback loop, accelerating the translation of knowledge. 

Dr. Daroszewski, along with Dr. Mary Di Nola, the college campus chair for the College of Health Sciences and Nursing in Southern California, also presented a paper titled “National Survey of the Opinions and Preferences of DNPs and Nursing Doctoral Degree Educators about the Required Culminating Project of DNP Programs” to a near-capacity crowd. The study examined the opinions and preferences of DNPs and academics involved in doctoral nursing education about the required DNP program final product. A diverse sample of 849 respondents from 49 states, Canada and Puerto Rico participated in the survey.

The presentations were both well-received by the conference attendees.

“The acceptance and presentation at the conference was the Center’s ‘coming out party,’” Dr. Daroszewski says. “The presentation of our work at this AACN conference attended by doctoral nursing leaders from around the country is a validation and tribute to the quality of the work that we are doing at the Center.”

“Dr. Daroszewski’s research is making a difference and is gaining national recognition,” says Dr. Jeremy Moreland, academic dean for School of Advanced Studies “She captured the attention of leaders in doctoral nursing education with her Research Center’s insightful findings. Dr. Daroszewski’s research insights may serve to eventually improve nursing education nationally, which benefits us all.” 

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