February 2016 Funding Recipients

February 2016 Funding Recipients

SAS Research Presentation Award

  • Holly Davis-Webster (Alumni) – MWERA Annual Conference 2015, “Exploring Online Professional Development in Reducing Teaching Attrition in Two Charter Schools: Mixed Study Design”          
  • Susan Orshan (Faculty) –  AACN 2016 Doctoral Education Conference “From Nurse Interviewer to Researcher Interviewer”

Faculty Honorarium – Presentation

  • Jon Webber, SAS, Online - Presentation - Global Conference on Business and Finance, “Leadership Best Practices and Employee Performance: A Phenomenological Telecommunication Industry Study”

Faculty Honorarium – Publication

  • Cheryl Lentz, Business, Online - Publication - The Refractive Thinker  , “Effective Business Strategies for the Defense Sector: Ch 11: The Implications of Quad D on Leadership Success” (Peer reviewed, 14 awards)
  • Martha Taylor, SAS, Online - Publication - Qualitative Report, “Trusting Telework in the Federal Government”

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