Faculty Spotlight: Gabriel Flores

Faculty Spotlight: Gabriel Flores

Our latest spotlight – Gabriel Flores, Ed.D. – has served as an Associate Faculty with University of Phoenix College of Education and Humanities since April 2012. Additionally, he has recently taken a position as Adjunct Faculty at Pacific Oaks College in their School of Education. He is also in the 19th year of his tenure at Los Angeles Unified School District.

Dr. Flores received his Master’s in Elementary Education at California State University, Northridge, and received his Ed.D. here at University of Phoenix.

His research interests include qualitative methodology, diversity and tolerance education, multicultural education, and sexual orientation education. Additionally, he frequently presents at national and international conferences and publishes articles for children's magazines, educational magazines, and peer-reviewed academic journals. You can learn more about his many publications and presentations by visiting his user profile below.

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His latest research on teaching a more inclusive multicultural literature program and students' responses to LGBT-themed literature was accepted into the American Journal of Sexuality Education and was highlighted here on the Hub.

When asked what inspired his latest work, he said, “When I wrote my dissertation in 2009 at the University of Phoenix I knew I had to take my research further. So, I decided to expand on my literature review and also add my relevant classroom experience for the past 20 years.” He was also inspired by the extremely high number of suicides and hate crimes in the LGBT community. “I knew I had to do more.”

His hope for the research is that administrative leaders and teachers read the research and start the process of implementing LGBT-themed children’s literature in the classroom. He also hopes to find more opportunities to publish and present on the topic to help spread the word. He is currently reviewing conferences at which to present his latest articles.

Dr. Flores is unique to our spotlight ranks in that he is both an alumnus of SAS, and a faculty here at the University. When asked how SAS has supported his efforts, he said, “First, as a student and alumnus of SAS, I learned how to be a lifelong researcher who makes positive social change… Then, SAS and OSS offer some amazing incentives to faculty and alumni to continue their learning. We have the Excellence in Publication Award, an Honorarium, and the Research Presentation Award. The aforementioned awards help [faculty] to continue the research journey.” Dr. Flores was nominated by OSS staff as a result of his ongoing and energetic pursuit of post-grad research as evidenced by the many awards and honoraria he has earned.

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Dr. Flores recommends any student or faculty interested in getting involved in research to make use of the many resources available. In addition to the funding he noted the 950,000 strong alumni network, our extensive online library, our writing centers, editors, and SurveyMonkey tools. As for him, he realizes that “with great power comes great responsibility; education is power” and plans to be a lifelong learner and mentor and continue to help others with new learning along the way. 

Thank you Dr. Flores for your ongoing efforts to grow the research community and break new ground! 

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