Faculty Researcher Spotlight: April Lash

Faculty Researcher Spotlight: April Lash

This week we introduce faculty researcher April Lash, JD. Dr. Lash earned her JD in 2002 from the Jacob D. Fuchbergs, School of Law. She has served as an associate faculty in the School of Business since 2013.

Dr. Lash was nominated after receiving a faculty honorarium for presenting, “Teaching at Risk Learners Through Understanding & Differentiation,” at the National Conference on Differentiated Instruction.

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Her current research efforts are focused on analyzing data on the suspension rate among African Americans in comparison to other groups and/or populations. This research was inspired by the Pipeline to Prison Program which shows that students who are chronically expelled from school, eventually end up in the prison population. Her research takes these findings and extends them beyond chronic expulsion to how suspensions are handled within student populations.

Given the results of existing research, this research is expected to expose the differences in how school districts are handling issues with African Americans and others in terms of suspension rates. Her hope is to ultimately use this data to address issues in suburban school districts; to enable school districts to reevaluate and overhaul policies and processes where needed. Her work is still underway and has not yet been presented or published.

When asked how this research has impacted her life, she said, “It forced me to look behind the scenes and to use research to make changes against educational injustices.”

She recommends faculty and students join and become active within a Research Center relevant to their interests. “This is an important piece to establishing good research because you need the help and guidance of mentors and experts to assist with your project.”

Thank you to Dr. Lash for your hard work in identifying disparities in the educational system. We wish you the best of luck as you finalize and present your findings!

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