eCampus Sign On Now Available Here on the Hub

eCampus Sign On Now Available Here on the Hub

Effective today, you can now use your eCampus credentials to log into the Research Hub. This single sign-on feature means University-affiliated users no longer have to remember an additional password to access the Hub and can instead log in via their eCampus credentials, as they would on many other University sites. 

Information for Registered Users with an eCampus Account

If you are an existing user, you are likely one of the 80% of users who already had an eCampus username and email address applied to your account during registration and can now login via the eCampus button on the login page. If you're already logged in elsewhere via eCampus, you may be signed in automatically when visiting the Research Hub. Learn how to log in as an eCampus user.

If you are a registered user of the Hub who was University-affiliated but did not have an eCampus account on record, you were contacted in August for additional information to finalize set up for your profile (if possible).

Information for Registered Users Who Do NOT Have an eCampus Account

If you are registered to the site and do not have an eCampus username, you were contacted in August by the site administrator with an updated username in preparation for this change. These changes were made to prevent profile duplication.

Information for New Users

If you are not yet a user of the site and would like to register, please view the help article How to Log in for the First Time

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