Dr. Underwood to Moderate Diversity Conference Webcast

Dr. Underwood to Moderate Diversity Conference Webcast

Dr. Kimberly Underwood is set to moderate a discussion on revisioining the potentials around organizational diversification in the "new normal." A preview of what the event is about is featured below.

Many progressive organizations have started shaping and even implementing their plans to make diversification and inclusion top priorities as they and their employees adjust to a post-pandemic workplace, but how can they emerge stronger in our new normal? What decisive actions and behaviors are needed to gain the benefits of diversification in the workplace that helps create an inclusive organization where everyone feels valued?  In this live roundtable, panelists and moderator will address these questions and discuss: —

Hiring: Making a more conscious effort to expand your search for new employees by looking for those that will challenge you, help your organization grow, and be an asset to the team/organization. —

Socialization: Helping all employees gain a deeper understanding of the value of diversification and inclusion and how it enhances an organization’s culture, creativity and innovation, and everyone’s chances for prosperity. —

What’s next: What are the future opportunities and benefits for those organizations that embrace and prioritize diversification and inclusion?

Time-Jul 15, 2021 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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