Dr. Lynne Devnew Receives Distinguished Scholar of the Year Award at 2017 KWBA Symposium

Dr. Lynne Devnew Receives Distinguished Scholar of the Year Award at 2017 KWBA Symposium

At the 2017 Annual Knowledge Without Boundaries Symposium earlier this month, Dr. Mark McCaslin announced the winner of the first-ever Certificate of Distinguished Service for Scholarly Leadership. The award was presented to Dr. Lynne Devnew, Senior Research Fellow for the Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research.

As noted in the presentation, the award was a recognition of Dr. Devnew’s successful demonstration of “unprecedented dedication in her role as distinguished Fellow.” Her research focus is on leader identity development and aspirations, particularly women and leadership scholarship.

Her role as fellow for the CLSER has recently evolved into leadership of the newer Women & Leadership Research Group which works across all University of Phoenix research centers in support of women and leadership scholarship. This new group has given her efforts – and those with similar research interests – an online home.

Outside of University of Phoenix, Dr. Devnew partners with many schools and Universities to bring awareness to her research focus. She also serves the International Leadership Association (ILA) in multiple capacities: she is on the Executive Leadership Team for ILA’s Women and Leadership Affinity Group (WLAG), and was the program chair for their 2017 event.

When asked her thoughts on receiving the award, she had this to say:

“At first it seemed strange to me that I was receiving such an honor; I recognize others in SAS are far more accomplished researchers than I am. Then I realized that I am a bit of a poster-child for the many faculty members (I was so recently one of them) not doing post-dissertation research. I’ve found my voice and am totally immersed in the women and leadership research world; it has been totally invigorating for me. I love what I’m doing and it shows! I hope this award inspires others to find their own voices in the exciting world of research and researchers.”

Congratulations to you, Dr. Devnew, and thank you for your contributions to the School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix, and the greater research community!