August 2017 Funding Recipients

August 2017 Funding Recipients

Excellence in Publishing Award

Faculty Name College Article Title Publication
T Ray Ruffin SAS Increasing Student Engagement and Participation Through Course Mythodology  Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition

Faculty Honorarium

Faculty Name College Type of Honorarium Presentation/Publication Title Conference/Journal Title
Alan Gorlick Business Presentation Fixing Fixed Income  Society of Financial Service Professionals
Cecile Morris Business Presentation Workforce 2020 and Beyond  California Assisted Living Association Annual State Conference
Anna Dow Humanities and Sciences Presentation The Regulation of the Interior Design Profession  NEOCON
Bill Dial Business Presentation Diversity and Social Responsibilit in a Changing World at National Association of African-Americans  Human resources, Dallas Chapter Annual Panel Discussion
Steven Watkins SAS Presentation Confucianist Philosophy's Influence on Learning and Communication in Chinese Education  NK-AECT 2017 Summer Research Symposium
Laura McNeil Business Presentation Designing and Improving Work Systems  Sterling - Performance Excellence
T Ray Ruffin SAS Publication Increasing Student Engagement and Participation Through Course Methodology  Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
Johnnie Bejarano Business Presentation Ethics and Stupidity  Professional Development Training Association of Government Accountants
Donald Hsu Business Publication Quantitative Analysis: PhD  Business Administration or Management in E-Leader International Journal
Catherine Burr Business Presentation Rejecting Postcolonial Framework in Researching Gender, Race, and Diversity  Organizations at European Academy of Management
David Horvath IS&T Presentation To COMPRESS or Not, to COMPRESS or ZIP  PhilaSUG Spring 2017 Meeting
Wendell Smith Humanities and Sciences Publication Curriculum Design and its Relationship to Marketing of the Visual Arts  Carribean Educational Research Journal
Carrie Bailey Humanities and Sciences Presentation To Name the Unknown Territory: Defining Engagement in Digital Environments  Twenty-fourth International Conference on Learning, Common Ground
Anita Cassard SAS Publication Discussion Paper  Journal of Applied Business and Economics


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