Alumni Spotlight: Mavis Carr

Alumni Spotlight: Mavis Carr

This spotlight features recent doctoral graduate Mavis Carr whose nomination denoted her standing as “a true [School of Advanced Studies] success story.” We couldn’t agree more.

Upon graduation, she was offered to present her dissertation at a professional conference. Though she was unable to present in person, Dr. Carr was able to instead present her dissertation via online-web conference call. She continues to actively pursue conference and publication opportunities.

We caught up with Dr. Carr and asked her a few questions about her experience as a student researcher and alumni. Read on to learn more about this Phoenix.

What is the biggest lesson you learned from your doctoral journey?

I learned to rely on the data and research findings to gain a true understanding of issues, as opposed to depending on my own assumptions. What an eye-opening experience!

What enhancements have you seen in your leadership capabilities?

I often engage in deep introspection and ask others “Who said so?” and “Where did that information come from?” which I did not do as often before.

How has your doctoral experience changed your personal/professional life? 

It has opened doors for me faster than I thought it would. Within a few weeks of earning my doctorate, I was asked to present on a panel at my university, as well as to be the lead presenter at a distance-learning conference in Tallahassee, Florida.

What’s next for you now that you are a doctor?

I plan to follow up my research by exploring my recommendations for future research and become an associate professor.

If you’re on the fence about beginning your doctoral journey, or haven’t quite finished your doctoral journey, Dr. Carr also had this to say: “If you are an independent learner, then this is the program for you! Do not hesitate to reach out to your classmates or others in your cohort, as well as your advisors and committee members. They are standing at the ready to help you.”

Congratulations, Dr. Carr, on your successes so far! We wish you the best of luck as you continue to grow professionally and as a researcher.