Executive Onboarding Facilitator Training

Executive Onboarding Facilitator Training


September 23, 2014 to September 25, 2014


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3-Day Executive Onboarding Facilitator Training

Accelerate Executive Transition Success

Today newly promoted or hired executives are expected to produce faster than ever before. They can do it with the proper onboarding support.  But unfortunately most are expected to “hit the ground running”.  An unrealistic expectation even for a super star.  The statistics are sobering:  64% of executives hired from outside, and 34% of those promoted internally, fail in the first 18 months.  Worst of all, the cost of failure is estimated to be at least 4X annual salary.  Supporting your newest talent at the top effectively is clearly one of your best investments.

To meet the challenge of navigating the crucial First 100 Days, we designed STRATEGIC START®, a timely solution and a smart investment to dramatically increase the likelihood of success.  Our unique coaching and consulting process has revolutionized executive transitions, and been proven by the hundreds of new executives we’ve guided through transition for clients in government agencies, corporations, unions, non-profits and associations.

STRATEGIC START® is a smart, condensed program that produces in a few weeks the trust building and learning that often takes up to 18 months.

Executives are counseled to take full advantage of their brief Honeymoon Period, taught to leverage it as an invaluable opportunity to access information, learn the culture, assess needs, and intelligently initiate change as they positively lay the foundation for long-term success. Executives are most vulnerable during transition and we help them acquire the knowledge they need and to build key relationships that fuels early momentum and success.