The Art of the Conversation: Giving Future Entrepreneurial Leaders a Voice at the Table Now

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Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs must be able to convey information regarding products, services in a myriad of situations.  Students can learn to do this through the “art of the conversation”. This workshop is an interactive workshop designed as a mock “dinner party.”  The purpose of this proven exercise will be to show students how they can interact with people at different levels of an organization and potential customers about a variety of topics. Students will build their confidence, demonstrate their intellectual curiosity, and practice networking and oral communication skills in the safe environment.  

The Art of Conversation exercise helps students to gain confidence in expressing ideas and concepts to a diverse group. This is a talent that all entrepreneurial leaders must possess, whether they work for themselves or are an intrapreneurs at a major corporation. Students that attended our “mock dinner parties” reported that they immediately felt more confident in using their voice at managerial meetings and during networking events. Other students enthusiastically increased their participation in class.  Faculty, staff, and alumni serving as mentors enhanced student engagement in this safe educational environment where students were open to feedback and coaching.

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ACBSP Region 1 Conference
Entrepreneurial Leaders share their vision and plans through the “art of the conversation.” This “mock dinner party” workshop will demonstrate how to help students cultivate their intellectual curiosity, build confidence, and practice networking and communication skills in the safe environment.