Founder & Facilitator of the Jersey City Campus Research Club

Founder & Facilitator of the Jersey City Campus Research Club


September 28, 2017


Activity is Ongoing
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University of Phoenix Jersey City Campus
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Director of Academic Affairs, Jersey City Campus

In September 2017, I started a monthly Research Club meeting for doctoral candidates, faculty, and alumni to continue to conversation and collaboration that took place at the May 2017 Knowledge Without Boundaries Academy at the Jersey City Campus.  We have, on average, 4-8 doctoral candidates attend the Research Club meeting each month, where they receive one-on-one guidance/tutoring on a component of their dissertation.  A URM, who also teaches at the Jersey City Campus, works with students on the design of their quantitative research methods or reviews their data analysis.  Another JCC faculty member, who is also a dissertatio chair, and I work with students to formulate their problem and purpose statements, create alignment with their sample population, etc. A doctoral alum talks with students and facilitates the sharing of information and support.  I then send a report to SAS with a list of who attended and the type of dissertation support they received.  This is in addition to the participation of other faculty and alumni.  

Description: The local campus Research Club is an informal gathering of doctoral candidates, alumni, and online/local campus faculty who want to discuss, collaborate on, and support each other while doing research and scholarship. The meetings can be run with or without a research-related presentation.  The Research Club can become an academic community that provides a fun and interactive way to increase student and faculty engagement.  The Director of Academic Affairs serves as the facilitator for the Research Club, as well as a resource for connecting faculty, doctoral candidates, and alumni around research projects and tutoring requests.  

While other campuses also have a Research Club or similar scholarly meetings, the model that I created is being shared with all the UOPX campuses as guidelines for starting a similar venue for supporting faculty and student scholarship and research in their Market.