Using Participatory Visual Research To Tell a Story of Forgotten Black Towns

Nova Southeastern University - Florida
Michelle Susberry Hill, Ed.D.
Lequisha Brown-Joseph, Ph.D.
Presentation Date: 
Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Event or Conference: 
The Qualitative Report 13 th Annual Conference
Presentation Type: 
Paper Presentation
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United States
Using Participatory Visual Research To Tell a Story of Forgotten Black Towns The destruction of the black towns created a social change for individuals directly and indirectly through their descendants. Through research, we must disclose these black towns and let others know about the changes that impacted these communities as they participate in today's current events. The impact on the destruction of these properties and the economic changes has had lasting effects throughout history. In an effort for history to not continually repeat itself, the researchers will display visual representations of black towns. These pictures will help explain the internal structure blacks had from founding and organizing their own communities. This research provides a pictorial representation of towns founded by slaves and freed blacks who made a difference during their time. If black students and adults can see themselves in America's fabric, perhaps they will be motivated to engage in social change and apply this knowledge to real-life experiences. The pictures will serve as a catalyst to spark interest in a forgotten subject. Change may develop within or throughout the communities as the pictures generate more awareness about these forgotten towns.