Black Towns and Gentrification—Does Preservation depend on location?

Black Towns and Gentrification—Does Preservation depend on location?


Freedmen towns were towns founded by African Americans after the Civil War.  Often, these towns provided a structure for African Americans to develop, thrive, and grow while oppressed outside of these areas.


As times changed, many of these towns did not last.  From the boll weevil and hopes of the movement west to the bombing and destruction of others, many towns were destroyed.  However, many towns did last but were not well preserved.


Society plays a major role in the survival and preservation of a history of a people.  Those who want to preserve this history often do not have the monetary means to keep towns going.  Gentrification also erased African American history.


Ironically, there is a silent move to preserve these remaining towns while unrest swells throughout the U.S.  The researchers will show pictorial examples of preserved towns vs. those that are not preserved with an in-depth look at reasons that caused the differences.


Univerisity of Phoenix
Dr. Michelle Susberry Hill, Dr. Lequisha Brown-Joseph
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Saturday, August 14, 2021
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KWB Research Summit 2021
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Paper Presentation
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United States