Profile in Courage: A Study of Medal of Honor Recipients; Their Commonly Held Values


Abstract: This article is based on an earlier mixed design of quantitative and qualitative research study of those who have been deemed courageous by their actions on the battlefield (Recipients of the Medal of Honor). The courage displayed by these warriors would be categorized as physical courage. The study included the Rokeach Value Survey (RVS), sent to the 149 living Recipients of the Medal of Honor (Recipients) and followed up with interviews of six of those Recipients who responded to the survey.

The purpose of the study was to determine if there were values commonly held by these heroic men. Of the 149 living Recipients receiving the survey, 71 responded to the survey with 56 responses used for the quantitative analysis. The individuals interviewed for the qualitative portion of the study were selected based on their availability.

The results of the analysis indicated that there were two terminal values (Family Security and Freedom) and two incremental values (Honest and Courageous) that were common among the surveys analysed. A finding (Family Security) showed the greatest commonality. During the qualitative analysis it was determined that “family’ was defined as those with whom they were serving.



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Journal Article
Michael A. Lindquist
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Military Psychology
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