Crime Scene Evaluation: Kate Arquette

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Our mission is to bridge the gaps in the availability of information and resources that impede and discourage victims/families trying to deal with the aftermath of violent death, undetermined deaths, & attempted homicides.

Resource Center for Victims of Violent Deaths
Marianne Greenfield, PhD
Duanne J Thompson, PhD
Sheryl McCollum
Holly Hughes
Presentation Date: 
Friday, July 8, 2016
Event or Conference: 
Crime Scene Reenactment: Panel Discussion
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Discussion Panel Participant
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The Atrium
10701 Lomas NE, Suite 115
Albuquerque, NM 87112
United States
Using social media, new witnesses and information had surfaced about workplace relationships and activities on the day of the murder. A crime "day" reenactment was performed by our team after careful review of the books by Lois Duncan, the Police Reports and Crime Scene photo evidence, and other witness statements from the original investigation. This event was designed to interview new witness, conduct a panel discussion on possibilities, take photos of the reenactment, and utilize social media to move the case forward and smoke out one "player" who has been allusive but she had lured Kait to her home that evening where later, she was gunned down less than a mile from leaving that home.