Coffee & Crime: Who Killed My Daughter

Losing a child is every parent’s greatest fear, whether it be by illness or accident … or the horrible, unimaginable case of murder. What’s worse is never knowing why.

Such was the case for the Arquette family when their 18-year-old daughter Kaitlyn was shot in 1989 in a seemingly random act of violence. After years of investigation, the police were never able to determine the reason or culprits behind Kaitlyn’s murder. But Kaitlyn’s family started their own inquiries, eventually discovering that their daughter was hiding some very dangerous secrets.

Kaitlyn’s mother Lois Duncan outlines the tragic events surrounding her daughter’s death—and the additional details they were able to piece together—in her true-crime memoir, Who Killed My Daughter? Duncan asks that anyone who may have information about Kaitlyn’s death step forward and help her family find the closure they desperately desire.

The CCIRI (Cold Case Research and Investigative Institute) holds conferences and events and asks for submissions of experts to examine cases and participate in panel discussions to help families see events in new ways, remember new facts, or simply get comfort that experts in the field are actively trying to help solve their case.  Due to the elements of workplace behaviors amongst the players, the illegal workplace activities, and other elements, I was accepted as a panel member for the Kate Arquette case.

Cold Case Research and Investigative Institute
Marianne Greenfield, PhD
Duanne J Thompson, PhD
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Monday, June 1, 2015
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Coffee & Crime Conference
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Discussion Panel Participant
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