Executive Director: National Association of Organizational Psychology (NAOP)

Executive Director: National Association of Organizational Psychology (NAOP)


January 7, 2014


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Executive Director / President

For the MAIO program at Argosy University, mentored students in the Capstone course of Spring 2014 to develop a professional association called NAOP - National Organization of Organizational Psychology to address their concerns of the absence of a professional society that addresses the needs of the I-O Psychology Practitioner.  According to the BLS (2012) Occupational Outlook Report, I-O Psychology was the fastest growth job forecasted in the US for 2012-2022.  The organization was legally established and graduates continue to volunteer to mentor current students and maintain membership in the organization.  The organization was led by students under my mentorship January 2014 to January 2016.  A restructuring occurred in January 2016 where I became Executive Director/President and established a Board of Directors that included members of the local business community.  A strategic plan was drafted to include: 1) Membership Drive beyond student affiliation, 2) A Sustainability Project with international component, and 3) Professional education and awareness program development.

The first project launched in April 2016 where we have officially partnered with The Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF) and students have already raised $1000 for a “Sustainability in Action” project.  We traveled to Jamaica on a study abroad trip June 4-11th as part of the diagnosis phase of how to use the money.  We utilized the book entitled Jamaican Entrepreneurship by Dr. Glen Laman and met with participants from his research study that contributed to the book while we were in country. 

At this time, NAOP has decided to support the Jeffrey Town Community in their sustainability efforts by providing enough trees to feed all primary students breakfast during the school year.  We are also going to work with Dr. Henley Morgan in developing an Adopt-a-Child program in Trench Town and help them start a tree orchard for a sustainable pantry at their primary school which involves community development as well as teaches life skills that can hopefully develop youth into leaders of the future.  Currently, we are establishing a GoFundMe account and are about to launch a social media campaign later this month to continue these efforts.  For 2017, we want to expand our reach in the local business community and have begun a book club, a LinkedIn Group, and a Facebook page.  For remainder 2016, we plan to expand membership to other educational institutions, the community, and businesses.