Managing Amid Perception: Wine Price-Point Considerations in Several States in the USA.


The purpose of this pilot research is to explore how United States consumers perceive price points for wine.  The pilot study evaluated how price brackets or ranges of prices interplay with wine consumers’ income.  A self-administered questionnaire was completed by nearly 3,500 consumers in nine states.  Results implied no connection of income to wine price point considerations, with U.S. wine consumers in different marketing areas holding very similar perceptions of wine pricing.  The respondents may not represent the general U.S. wine consumer, and therefore results may not be generalizable.  Future research could include an exploration of consumers’ perceptions of wine cost categories, consumer experience and self-confidence in selecting wines, wine tastes, and how consumers evaluate wines in different cost categories.


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Journal of Business Management and Change
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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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