Veterans from Troops to Teachers Program Use of Enhanced Technologies in Public Schools


Research title: Veterans From Troops to Teachers Program Use Enhanced Technologies in Public Schools.

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has initiated a program through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), that helps service members and veterans pursue their educational goals and earn degrees, certifications, and licenses both during and after service by providing education and career counseling, college programs, and funding to meet the teacher shortage. This initiative is the Troops to Teachers (TTT) Program giving assistance to eligible members and former members to obtain employment as teachers. 


The purpose of this qualitative exploratory content analysis was to gain awareness and understand occurrences through examination of specific individual’s experiences within their social and environmental contexts as to what challenges veterans encountered as a TTT graduate teaching in K-12 using their service experiences to integrate artificial augmented intelligence (AAI), virtual reality (VR), or other technology and simulation tools into the classroom.  Artificial augmented intelligence and virtual reality learning tools and simulations are at the forefront of the next iteration of technology (Garner, 2017). 


RQ1.  How do Troops to Teachers graduates integrate artificial augmented intelligence and/or virtual reality learning tools into the K-12 classroom?


RQ2. What are the unique challenges facing veteran Troops to Teachers graduates in transitioning their military artificial augmented intelligence, simulation, mixed reality, and or virtual reality training experiences into a K-12 setting?


RQ3   How are Troops to Teachers veteran graduates empowering other teachers to use emerging technologies such as artificial augmented intelligence and virtual reality into the classroom?


SQ1 How do Troops to Teachers veterans perceive their technology expertise being accepted by teachers?


SQ2 How do Troops to Teachers veterans perceive their technology expertise being accepted by school administrators?


SQ3 How do Troops to Teachers veterans perceive their acceptance by students in the use of technology in the classroom?


Population for the study consisted of military service veterans who were graduates of the DoD Troops to Teachers program and use advanced technologies in the classroom. Participants for the study were selected using purposeful or snowball sampling.  Sample size was within the 6-12 TTT participants range with one or more years of experience teaching in the K-12 public schools (Babbie, E., 2013). 


Most graduates of the Troops to Teachers program are well equipped to not only take AAI, simulation mixed reality, and VR knowledge to the K-12 classroom, but also acted as mentors to other teachers and administrators in order to bring higher-level technologies to the classroom. 


Babbie, E. (2013). The practice of social research. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Garner, T. (2017, January 1). Digital trends: Why 2017 will be shaped by VR, AR, AI and personalized digital assistants. Newsweek. Retrieved from



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